Wednesday, January 18, 2006

random thoughts

Well, I wasn't able to take my test on Monday. I feel so stupid because everyone else I know is able to drink that stuff that you have to have for cts' and such, but I can't. I know I needed to have the test to make sure nothing had come back, but I just couldn't get it down. I drank about half the bottle and it started reversing in direction. Ewww...TMI? Oh well, no one is probably reading this anyway. :-)

I created 5 wreaths last week and took 4 of them to EBN to sell on consignment. The one I didn't take just didn't feel like it was ready to leave yet. There is something missing from it and until I figure out what it is, I don't want to send it out there for someone else. I'm hoping they will sell well, because I could really use the money. Since I'll be out of town next full moon, I won't be able to make any. But I already have some ideas for the next batch. This batch was spirit of air, spirit of fire, spirit of water and spirit of the chakras. I thought the chakra one turned out the best. I really liked the rainbow ribbon that I found. Air was my second favorite.

The beast has been very fussy this evening. I'm not really sure why. He's been out several times tonight but keeps acting like he needs to go again. I guess I should let him out one more time before bed. Okay - so we went to the back door and he just stood there looking at me like I was insane. I don't know what is wrong with him. Maybe he's just fussy.

How bout them STEELERS? I'm SOOOO excited about them going to the afc championship game. I hope that they can go all the way. They'll still be my team if they don't. But they need to win!

Anyway, blessings to everyone...


Manic Witch said...

When I had to have a CT, I had to drink that vile "gastroview" because I'm allergic to IV contrast. The nurse neglected to tell me that it *ahem* leaves your system much faster than it goes in. And for the "colon cleanse"? I found that the "wet wipes" are a person's best friend, if you know what I mean.

Uh oh....Hubs is a huge, die-hard Broncos fan. But thats ok, I still luvs ya anyway. :)

Ary said...

It isn't so much the leaving as the getting it in part that I have problems with as far as those test drinks go. Oh well.
Tell your Hubs sorry bout the loss. Oh wait...No, I'm not!
just kidding... :-)