Sunday, January 15, 2006

They always come in three's...

Three is a magical number. Three represents the triple aspect of the goddess. (Mother... Maiden... Crone) Is that why death always comes in threes? We lost another member of our family this past week and it has been very hard to accept. Everytime the phone rings I expect to get bad news about someone else. I guess I'm waiting for the third. Two in a week is just too much.
On Friday, I was given a promotion at work. I'm very happy about it. I finished making my wreaths yesterday. I might see if I can get some pictures of them and put on here. I'm taking them to the shop on Tuesday. Hopefully they will do well. Tomorrow I have to have a procedue that requires me to clean out my colon. I'm sooooo not happy about that. Why can't they make that stuff not taste so vile? If they can put people in space then they should be able to flavour medicines in such a way that they don't make you hurl. I'm so looking forward to spending my evening in the loo. :-) Not! I've got to figure a way to move the tv so I can see it while I'm in there. The steelers play today against the colts. I sure hope they win.

I'm worried about one of my kitties. She is bleeding from somewhere but I can't find where. I tried to catch her so I could take her to the vet but she is very quick and good at hiding. There is just a little blood, and she doesn't seem to be sick. I'm going to try again in a little while.

Well, I guess I'll go have some lunch. Lime jello...yum. :-(


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