Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Title?...don't have one...

Last night was rearranging night. I've spent several hours rearranging two rooms in my house and trying to get some stuff put away and organized. It looks so much better now. I love the way my living room turned out. It really opens it up more and makes it feel and look bigger than it is. I also rearranged my office/guest room/craft room. There is room to move around now. Yay!
Tonight is piddle around the house night and then I'm playing in an online poker tournament later. My family has gotten me hooked on Titan Poker. I can't believe I'm playing this stuff. Anyway, I'm hoping to get started on my wreaths tomorrow night. I pretty much have a plan for what to do and now just need to execute. I'm also wanting to reload my pc. I need to wipe it out and reinstall EVERYTHING! So, I'd best get busy on some things that need to be done, opening email and snail mail before that game.
So...adios for the evening...

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