Friday, June 02, 2006

Thunder and Lightning

I love thunderstorms. Have I mentioned that before? I really love them. We have had quite a few boomers the past few days. In fact, we had a rain so hard today that at one point people were stopped on the interstate because of the lack of visibility.

I hung my pretty new flag last night. And since it was raining I didn't have to work in the yard. I should be out there now during the lull in the storm, but I need to pay bills. Payday was this past Wednesday and I still haven't paid my bills. Gotta get on that before I get in trouble. :-)

I had my hair trimmed today and met with a new hairstylest. We are going to highlight my hair instead of completely coloring it and then two weeks later I'm getting a spiral perm. I can't wait! It has been almost two years since I was able to get a good treatment from a stylest. The last time I had it trimmed was at Great Clips and she butchered my hair. It was crooked and all kinds of messed up. I will never go back there again. 3 strikes and OUT! :-)

Anyway, tomorrow is strawberry day and then dinner for my mum's birthday. I'd like to get some of my houseplants repotted. That may have to wait until Sunday though.

I'm off to pay the bills...

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I love a good storm. Yay good stylist!