Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'm so bored! It has been a very quiet and slow day. I've been at my desk all day (since about 7:10) and haven't had to go anywhere or do much of anything. If I was in an office by myself I would have pulled out some knitting or a book. But I share a room with eight other people so I can't really sit and knit. :-(
So, mostly I put my headphones on and listen to music or put in a movie and watch it. But...I'm still so bored! I keep thinking about all the stuff I could do if I was at home. And especially today I would want to be busy all day. I was hoping the day would fly by so I could get to my appointment. But it is not to be. Another hour and 15 minutes before I can leave for the Dr. and find out what my test results were...

Currently in my headphones is the Marilyn Manson version of Sweet Dreams. I must say I really like that version. I loved the Eurythmics song, but I think Marilyn's version rocks.

Oh, I'm thinking about getting another tattoo. I have been wanting one for the longest time. Since shortly after I acquired my first one. What I would like to have is a triquetra on the inside of my wrist. However, if I did that, I'd have to cover it with makeup until my Grandmother passed away. She would have an absolute fit and make life a living hell. Plus, I really just don't want to upset her...and believe me, she'd be upset. I don't want to have tons of tattoos on my body, I like tattoos and I think that one should have as many as a person likes, however I just don't want a ton. I would like to have one more...so I guess I'll wait.

(Now playing on headphones: Sympathy - Goo Goo Dolls)

I still haven't finished the book I was to read for our group at work. I'm working on it though. I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. No one has said anything about when we are having our discussion so I guess I'll just keep reading until then.

(Now playing on headphones: Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan)

Okay, so I don't know why I feel the need to keep putting in there what is playing on my headphones. I guess to give some examples of the music I like. (I have a very eclectic ear.) Maybe if I just keep typing random stuff, the time will go faster. It is already just an hour before I leave.
(Now playing on headphones: Excess - Tricky {Thirteen Ghosts Soundtrack})

I have two books from the library that I want to read before I return them but they are due next week. I've actually renewed them twice and I don't think I can renew them a third time. I wanted to read them but felt pressed to finish that other book (which I still haven't finished). Maybe they will let me renew one more time. I hope so. Then I picked up a Nora Roberts the other day (it is a combo of two of her old silhouette books) that I want to read and I want to read Da Vinci Code. Geez, with all that reading how will I find time for knitting? :-) I need to, I haven't done any knitting in a while.

(Now playing on headphones: Hey Baby - No Doubt)

(Now playing on headphones: Criminal - Fiona Apple)

And on that note, I shall leave the world of blogging...at least for a little while.


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