Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, again...

Is it monday already? I swear I feel like it was just Monday yesterday. It was a very long weekend with constant running and going. The yard sale was a complete bust with only 4 cars coming by and no one buying anything. I guess I'll have to wait until the spring and have one at my home. I think I'd have a good neighborhood for it.

I'm currently sitting in my chair with the gas logs on in the fireplace. So I'm sitting here warming up by the fire after having worked in the yard for a while, cleaned the litter boxes, cleaned out the fridge and taken out the trash. I'm tired and sleepy and cold, but I feel like I got some things done.

Anyway, I got a few rows done on my scarf, but no more progress. I did finish a book that I was reading and started another one. I am really liking this new one. It is pretty cool. Saturday I went with my friend to get some things from Home Depot that I couldn't get in my car. He also brought his rototiller over so I could till up my garden for winter planting. I came home from work today and pulled up what was left of my plants and then ran through the garden one time with the tiller. I'll have to do it again, but it satrted raining and I had to quit. So, I came in the house and did all the stuff I said above.

On Saturday after running the errands I went and got pumpkins for my house. I think they are cute. :-)

Well, time for Gilmore Girls and to check the laundry to see if it is ready to be swapped. I can't decide if I want anything for dinner or not. I've finally decided that I'm going to go back to Cancun this february and now I'm on a kick to lose some weight before I go. I have a goal in mind, but I'm not really sure how realistic it is. So, I'm off...I want to catch up on some blog reading and do some surfing and hopefully get some knitting in.

And I'm sending healing and peaceful/calm thoughts to Hawaii and everyone there. Hopefully everyone is fine and the damage isn't too bad.


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