Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy October!

I'm so happy that October is here. I love October. I think it is my favorite month. I was going to get my halloween stuff out today, but I didn't get it done. My head has been killing me and I had a row with my Grandmother this morning. So that put me in a fabulous mood. I'm finally home, having put away my groceries and had dinner. I've feed the kids and am not watching Batman Begins. I haven't done any knitting this weekend and I still have some bills to pay. I really need to get the bills paid tonight so I can mail them tomorrow.
Y'know, Liam Neeson is a good looking man. Oh, sorry, got distracted! :-)

I went to AC Moore today and got a lot of stuff on sale. Most of it is for my wreaths. I finally found a stamp that I can use as my logo. I've decided to work on starting a small business and I needed a logo for my tags and stuff. I'm calling it SpiritWitch Designs. What do you think? I'll sell the wreaths that I've posted pictures of on my blog before and I also have some other ideas in the works.

Alright, just wanted to say hello and Happy October. Hopefully the fall weather will return soon and I can really get down to enjoying fall.


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