Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday, Monday...

So I finished my wreaths over the weekend. I also knitted another two sections on my halloween scarf. I think it is about halfway there. I put it on to see where it fell and I like it hanging at my knees so...I'm on the down slide with that! Yay! I may even get it finished before samhain! :-)

It was a very busy weekend! I had planned to make chili this weekend because the weather was just perfect chili making weather, but I was never home long enough to do it. I'll be leaving work today at 4 and I will go home and MAKE CHILI! (even though it is supposed to be 76 for a high) :-(

I have to put the tags on my wreaths and take them to the shop tomorrow. Then I really will be offically done with this batch. I already have some ideas simmering in my head about future wreaths, but they will have to wait for a little while. This week I have to get ready for a yard sale on Saturday at my SIL's. I need to get everything out and tagged.

Oh, I went to my brother and sil's on Saturday for a party for my brother (he turned the big 3-0!) and found that one of his so called friends had given him a puppy for his birthday! My brothers dog passed away last february and he and sil decided they weren't ready for another dog in the house (sil has one) and so had told this friend who wanted to sell him one that they weren't ready. So what does this friend do? Give him the puppy! I will say this...that puppy is absolutely adorable! I want one! He is a 6 week old pit bull and he is tan with a thin white stripe that goes all the way from between his eyes, down his face and under his chin to his belly. He is the sweetest thing! My brother's previous dog was a pit bull and he is really good with them. They came yesterday and picked up my old kennel that I used for my dog. They brought him with them and my beastie just loved the little one. He just sniffed at him and followed him around. It was great!

Okay, so I better go and get to work. I'll try to check in tonight.


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

post pics of the scarf and puppy

Ary said...

I'll take another pic of the scarf tonight and get it posted tomorrow. I've got to get pics of the puppy from my sil and then I'll post them. :-)