Monday, September 25, 2006


I get to take my doggie to the vet in an hour to get his stitches out of his ear. Yay! This is also good because it means I get to go home early today! Yay! I am planning to bring him by the office to show him off though. :-)

I saw the Buffy test on another blog and since I am a BIG fan of Buffy I thought I should take the test. I can't believe I'm Glory. Ugh! that I think about it...I can kind of see it.

I hate that the words don't show up well in the post. I have no idea how to change it to make it show. I'm still searching for a new skin/template for my blog. Manic recommened the site that she got her template from which is the site that I found my current template. There was one or two others there that I liked, but I just haven't found the one that speaks to me. I think my multiple personality issue causes me to want to change things constantly. I rearrange furniture in my rooms at home at least every six months, sometimes more often.

Anywho, lots of nothing today at work. It has been very quiet and that is a good thing, because I think I'm dying. I'm wondering if there isn't a blocked blood vessel or a tumor or something in the back of my skull that is causing the pain. I think I'm going to have to call the doctor. Tomorrow will be day 14 of the severe constant migraine.

So, I get to leave now in 30 minutes!

I need to start thinking about new wreaths to make this moon. I have a few ideas, but have not perfected them. I also want to get my work area more established. I'd like to be able to start on them in the next day or two. When I took in my last batch there were 8 at the store. I am not sure how many I should make. I don't have to take them all at once. I could make them and have them ready and have the owner call me when she needs some more.
Also, on the list of things to do, is get my garden prepped for the fall planting. I'm hoping to plant garlic and collards. I'm not sure what other cold weather things can be planted, but I know I want to plant at least that. I'm still getting bell peppers, tomatoes, habaneros and jalapenos out of the garden. (I picked some last night) and am running out of room in the freezer.

There is also the task of getting ready for a yard sale in a few weeks. My SIL is having one and I hope to participate since I was planning to do one also. I have lots of things already in a container to go in a yard sale, but I'll have to tag them all and I have many other containers of stuff to go through. Ugh...what a chore!

Okay, it is now 25 minutes before I get to leave. I suppose I should do some actual work today.


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