Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Home Anniversary

One year ago today, I bought purchased my home. I guess now that it has been a year, I can no longer call it my new house. What is sad to me, is that in the year that I have been here, I have only changed one thing. I put a door back on a room that they had removed a door from. I have done more to the yard than I have to the house itself. I pretty much just moved in and stacked my stuff in the rooms and shed. I feel the need to really make this a home. The last place I owned, was more like a rental. I owned it, but I felt like I was just visiting. I don't want this home to be the same. I want to enjoy living here and I want to make it my own. I think it is time to start doing that. Maybe this weekend I can look at paint samples. It wouldn't be too hard to paint a few rooms. I think the biggest step is to start going through my things and cleaning out. I have way too much stuff and I need to purge and organize.

I definitely need a craft room, someplace that I can keep my supplies and tools at the ready for my craft needs. I also need to get my office space organized and cleaned up so that I can use my computer instead of just sitting in my living room with the laptop.

I'm still at home today, with the migraine that won't quit. I should have gone in to work, but there would have been too much running nad too many people to deal with. So, I decided to stay home. I probably shouldn't be driving now anyway. When my head feels like this it is best to stay out from behind the wheel. Anywho, I'm going to sign off now. I spent a lot of time last night browsing through blogs. It was fun, but I felt like I was wasting time that would have been better spent cleaning or doing laundry or well, being productive.

Oh well, maybe if my head pain recedes I can do some cleaning or something productive today.


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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I was hoping your head was better. Maybe the one year anniversary is a good excuse to do something on your house. Like an anniversary present.