Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Mabon

I had hoped to post earlier to wish everyone a Happy Mabon. However, I got delayed. I never even had a chance to do ritual today. It was a beautiful day, but very warm and now the house is hotter than hades. I'm sitting here trying to cool off and watching Wedding Crashers. These guys are nuts.

It's too hot to knit. I'm just hoping to stay awake through the movie and then hit the bed.

I have to be at my mum's early tomorrow. The family is coming down for birthday celebrations tomorrow. I just hope the thunderstorms that are forecast don't come until everyone is home. I hope I have some energy left after they leave, those kids will wear me out!



H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Happy Mabon. I was HPS for our coven today and Q acted horribly for attention during the ceremony. It ended up with her biting my butt right at the end. Normally this would call for a time out, but it was in the middle of circle, and I didn't want to stop the ceremony for punishment.

Lani said...

Merry Mabon to you too. I love this time of year...Samhain is next. Weeeee...