Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Slow day today...

There was a lot going on today, but it sure seemed like a slow day. I'm very tired and fighting a serious migraine. I have some pansies I want to put in my window box, but I don't know if I have the energy. The dark is coming and I am falling asleep. I spent a lot of the day traveling to other sites (for work) and it was such a nice day for it. There is a nice breeze and the sun is covered and the temps are cool.

I did take the beastie to get his ear checked. They removed the bandage and now he looks like a normal beastie again. He has a ton of stitches in his ear and they will have to be removed in two weeks. The vet is very pleased with his progress and so am I. :-)

Well, there isn't much to say tonight. I am going to try to work on my light blue scarf. I would like to get it done soon so that I can start on my halloweeny scarf. Oh well, I hope to get to that at some point. I have no plans to do "work" work tonight. I'm getting a little tired of working all day then coming home and working more. It seems I never have time for my own projects.

Waaa Waaa Waaa... :-)

Alright...I'm off. Gonna check a few things and get settled in for House, MD.


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