Monday, September 18, 2006

Finished blue scarf and other stuff..

So here is a post, as requested with a picture of the light blue fun fur scarf that I finished on Friday night. Nothing special, just my standard scarf.

I just finished watching Prison Break and enjoying the blogging commentary of these guys who I find to be hilarious. I try to check in on them weekly to see what commentary they are offerin up. Now I'm watching the Steelers/Jaguars game and sweating like a pig in a frying pan. It is so hot in my house and the laptop puts out a lot of heat. Not to mention the hot flashes that I continue to have. I had planned to knit on the halloweeny scarf tonight while watching the football game, but I don't know if I want to continue until I decide what to do about which needles to use. Anyway, here is another picture, this one of my stash that I purchased from JoAnn's the other day. Yay!

Got the yard mowed tonight and some plants that were looking peaked repotted in better soil. It is supposed to cool down here in the next few days. I think today was our last "hot" day for awhile. I sure hope so. I much prefer the cool temps.

Alright, I'm outta here. Gonna go check in with some blogs that I like and try to get caught up on emails.



Lani said...

Oh, that is a pretty scarf. Very nice.

Manic Witch said...

That scarf looks great.

And I love "Amore" That is what I am using for my "Fuzzy Oops Wrap." It's so soft for an acrylic.