Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a storm...

We just had a really great thunderstorm come through about an hour ago. It was so awesome! I love thunder storms and this was a great one. It got so dark really fast and the wind just picked up and howled. Lots of thunder, lightening and rain. Fabulous! :-)

Lucky for me, I came home and mowed my yard before the storm came. When I left work, I could smell the storm coming so I knew I had to get the yard mowed. I think I may try to knit some tonight on my scarf. I'm very tired though and would really like to sleep. :-)

I'm still having ant issues and therefore don't want to cook so I'm sitting here starving. I guess I could eat yogurt, but I'm not in the mood. :-(

Oh well, I'm off to do I don't know what... Have a great night! Oh I forgot that I checked UPS tracking about my Sims 2 game and it looks like it should be here tomorrow! YAY!!!!


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