Friday, September 15, 2006

Witches Weekly ... answer

At the Witches Weekly Q&A this week is an interesting question.

What is one thing relating to your spiritual path that you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t due to lack of money, time, etc. (Examples could be….creating your own altar room, going to visit a historical monument related to your spirituality, etc).

I have always wanted my own little "witch room." I guess most people would call this an altar room. In one of my old, old home (the one before my previous one) I had a basement, an nice garage and an very nice attic. It was always what I thought of as my perfect home. I had just started to work on making the attic into my witch room when I was forced to move.

From there I went to a small condominium that I could barely fit all my things into. It was not conducive to much of anything.

Now I have a nice home, small, but nice. In the backyard is a very nice shed (outbuilding) that the previous owners outfitted with electricity, cable and a very nice, small woodstove. I have big plans for this shed. Right now it houses my gardening tools, stuff that I haven't found a place for in the house and the mower. I am not sure yet how to deal with the heat during the summer months. It gets quite hot and I'm sure any candles that were left there would melt in this heat. However, I know I can turn it into something great.

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Lani said...

Ooooh, a witch room sounds perfect. I wish I had one of my own too. I used to live in a large house and had a perfect basement for a witch room. Nowadays, I live in a dinky apartment. I am lucky to snag the diningroom table for a ritual. Although I have a nice patio if the weather permits.