Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pictures as promised...

Hi everyone, I have good news to report. At least it is good to me...I got the yard mowed! Whooo Hoooo. :-) Okay, I know that is silly, but I'm just glad to not have to mess with it for another week.

So, Queenie requested some pics of my current knitting project and I intend to oblige. To the left is my new knitting bag. I have a horrible picture of it (sorry, gotta get a new camera). It is a denim bag and has a snap closure. I can't remember what the name of the style is, but I like it. Like I said yesterday, it holds a good deal of yarn and my current project, so that is good.
Below is a picture of my current knitting project. It is a light blue (or Carolina Blue, if you're a fan!) fun fur scarf. I have made so many of these scarves
and it is really the only thing I know how to knit.
(I have done different colors!) I really want to learn more but don't have the money for a class and can't seem to understand the books and magazines. I am really a visual learner and need to have someone show me what to do. Here is the pic.
I've decided my next project is going to be another scarf, but not a fun fur scarf. I want to do a halloweeny scarf. One that is very wide and very long (kind of like what they wear in Harry Potter movies) with the black and orange stripes. I'm not sure how to go from one color to another. Anyway, that is my next plan. I'm going to put the felted altar cloth on hold, mainly because I don't have any idea how to felt or how to increase, and decrease the stitches. Like I said, I really need a class! :-)
So, here is another picture of my latest book haul. I really love costco's prices on books. I'm such a book whore and have more than I'll probably ever read in a lifetime, but I just can't stop myself from buying more when there are ones that I want. I have tried borrowing from the library, but a lot of times that don't have ones that I want to read or it is a long wait to get them or mostly they smell bad. Since my illness a year or so ago, I have a big germ phobia and I just don't like touching stuff that people I don't know what touched. I think it is why I barely use cash anymore.
I've already finished Morrigan's Cross and am not sure how I felt about it. I guess I'll have to wait to see how the next book in the series goes. I've started The Other Boleyn Girl next. It seems interesting so far. I'm a big medieval history buff and usually enjoy these kinds of books.
Well, I have given you more pics than I'm sure you wanted to see and also more infor than you probably need. So, I'll say good night for now.

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