Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fun day...

So today was spent with my Grandmother, again. I did get to do some "me" shopping before picking her up so here is a summary of what I bought. Pictures will come on Monday!
I went to the dollar store looking for some thing that I need for a new craft idea I have. I'll post more about it later. However, I didn't find what I wanted at the dollar store, but found several other things (of course!). Then I went to JoAnn's looking for yarn. I found just what I'd been looking for plus a few other things. I got a small pretty ceramic pumpkin for my altar and the latest issue of Knit It! mag. There are several things in there that I want to knit but they are all so far over my head right now. There is a scarf in there that I could do and am going to put it on my list for after I finish my halloweeny scarf.
The yarn is a black and an orangey/rust colored yarn. I LOVE it! I've taken pics with the palm, but the color doesn't show very well. I'll post them on Monday when I get them on the computer.

After visiting with my Grandmother, I went to Big Lots and found some other neat crafty stuff and the thing that I was looking for in the dollar store. They only had one, but I figure I can make it a prototype.

So, now I'm home, going to check in with the blogs that I read on a regular basis (you probably know who you are!) and then sit back and start my scarf while I watch football! Yay!

Tomorrow is shopping with mum in the am, lunch with Grandmother again and then in the early afternoon is a class at my favorite shop about what Voodoo is really like. I know the woman teaching the class and she is very cool and very serious about her craft. Anyway, then in the afternoon, I must mow the yard. It is time, with all the migraine activity that has been going on it has been impossible for me to get out there and get it done. But hopefully tomorrow will be the day.


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