Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some progress on the scarf...

I was able to make some progress on the halloweeny scarf. I don't have any pictures but I'll take some after my next round. I now have 6 and 1/2 sections. I ended up watching CSI instead of Grey's Anatomy. I've only seen maybe 2 episodes of GA and wasn't sure I'd be up for it. CSI was okay, not as good as I thought it would be, until the end. I think they should have gone with that as their season opener instead of a teaser for next week.

I spent most of today searching for a new blog template. (Yes, I did this while at work, it was a slow day.) I can't seem to find what I want. I found a few I like, but not just what I want. I think I'll have to add learing how to design webpages to my long list of things I want to do. I am going to keep looking, but I may end up changing it this weekend. I think one of my other personalities wants a different look! :-)

Anywho, I think I'm going to head to bed. Maybe if I can get some sleep it will help with everything.


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Manic Witch said...

I like where I got my skin. I have a link at the bottom left side of mine for her site. She has bunches to choose from-all free. Of course I usually tweak the hell out of them.
Let me know if you need a hand.
manicwitch at gmail dot com